Work at the Clay Field
Grasping what moves us: Possibilities of haptic evolvement

with Prof. Heinz Deuser
Claerwen Retreat, Australia, October 2009

Set of 7 DVDs, 21 hours of Heinz Deuser teaching.
German with life English translation. 
AU 165 $ order via www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com


DVD 1:  Introduction and Theory Part 1
            Session 1, Praxis and Analysis: 
Finding trust in the opposite - finding
            one's bodily presence in the Clay Field

DVD 2:  Theoriy Part 2
            Session 2, Praxis and Analysis: 
Object determination and assurance
            of one's own needs for development

DVD 3:  Theory Part 3
            Session 3, Praxis and Analysis: 
            Re-establishing the Great Unity and finding trust

DVD 4:  Session 4, Praxis and Analysis: Bodily presence and (re-)acquisition
            of early creative actional competence and actional orderings

DVD 5:  Session 4, Praxis and Analysis:
Finding one's own bodily actional and relational basis
            Theory Part 4

DVD 6:  Session 6, Praxis and Analysis:
            Equalisation and satiation of vital needs
            Session 7, Praxis and Analysis:
            Bringing oneself into one's doing

DVD 7:  Session 8, Praxis and Analysis: 
            Stabilisation in the body as separation
            Session 9, Praxis and Analysis: Finding one's field




Introductory Clay Field workshop in Cambridge UK: 23 - 26 May 2015 with Cornelia Elbrecht
This workshop is designed for art psychotherapists, educators and mental health professionals. More information on www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com 
or contact Cornelia Elbrecht.

Documtenary about Work at the Clay Field. The film tracks the experiences of a ten-year old boy over several months. Download for presentations and study purposes.

Research: In preparation for 2015/16: A formal controlled study with war veterans to investigate,
if Work at the Clay Field can reduce symptoms of PTSD; Cornelia Elbrecht and Elisabeth Warson PhD.

International Events: Work at the Clay Field

English Publications


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Work at the Clay Field: Grasping what moves us: Possibilities of haptic evolvement
Set of 7 DVDs, 21 hours of Heinz Deuser teaching. German with life English translation. Purchase


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